No duh! Humans can cause earthquakes


So let’s stop pretending.

Q. Can human actions cause earthquakes?

“Agents triggering the earthquakes often refuse to admit responsibility and make it difficult to obtain the data that could prove it.”

Arkansas has had a couple or more earthquakes everyday for the past week and there was one in Oklahoma yesterday. All in areas with lots of drilling.

UPDATE: His argument breaks down a bit when he says, “Even a small stress increase can cause a fault to fail,” then says, “Dr. Seeber said that the process [fracking] was not likely to set off earthquakes.” …incongruent much?

The British Geological Society has confirmed that fracking does cause earthquakes.

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  1. FrackingCrazy says

    And God said, “I will give them Earthquakes and maybe they will learn…”

    Nah, let’s go frack some more!!