Another fracking earthquake! Check your foundations and walls for cracks.

Crack in the wall

Last night there was another earthquake in North Texas. The epicenter is near Waxahachie but I have several reports that Fort Worth residents felt it and made calls to 911 last night. If you felt the ground move last night please go make a report HERE.

Before hydraulic fracturing, North Texas never had earthquakes but now they are a frequent event.

“They” always say these “minor” earthquakes do no damage but that’s not at all the truth. One of our first earthquakes did $100,000 in damage to the Boy. Scout Museum.

I am in contact with one neighborhood that is reporting many houses with major cracks from earthquakes earlier this summer. Some have cracks 2″ wide. None of these people have earthquake insurance.

Anytime there is an earthquake, keep a close watch on your foundation and document everything. In fact, everyone in the Barnett Shale should go take pictures of your foundation today and keep a weekly record just in case because you know what the Big Gas Mafia will say: Prove we did it.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Industry desperately wants us to buy into their meme that the earthquakes are caused by injection/disposal wells. I’m not buying their bull. It’s kind of funny that there is a term for it, “induced earthquakes,” yet each time it happens, they pretend it is something brand new that has to be studied like scholarly articles covering the topic aren’t readily available.

From a petroleum engineer see diagram

For more information on drilling induced earthquakes see EARTHWORKS’ Hydraulic Fracturing and Earthquakes

Considering all the above, this might not be a good idea: Fracking a nuclear plant in the Barnett Shale

UPDATE 2: CBS report

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  1. says

    “They” said the same thing about injection wells Arkansas. “They” were proven wrong by geologists from AGS and CERI.

    The best part was when the commission never allowed AGS or CERI to testify with their evidence. Yet they (AOGC) voted to close an 1100 sq mile area to injection wells anyway citing public safety. One commissioner even said he “voted with his heart” on the issue and not the science.

    You’d think the industry would be clamoring for an appeal on the issue, but they are busy plugging the wells they know were causing earthquakes.

    A backroom deal was made to eliminate the problem and not let any testimony be made that would make companies liable for damages they caused.

  2. Anonymous says

    Normal home owners insurance in Tx does not cover any damages caused from “earth movements”, irregardless of the source–injection wells, fracking, or explosions from seismic holes!

  3. George says

    I am writing a report about the damages caused by fracking and am trying to get into contact with people that have suffered as a direct result of fracking activities. Any help getting in touch with such people would be gratefully received.