Texas is burning from Rick Perry budget cuts

Rick Perry had nothing to do with the drought but he had plenty to do with budget cuts that make it harder to contain the fires.

From McBlogger

Make no mistake, Perry started running for President back in the spring. Those draconian budget cuts, that STILL didn’t balance the budget without accounting gimmicks, included cuts to the Texas Forestry Service and rural fire departments. He did THAT rather than raise taxes on his sugar daddies, Bob Perry and Harold Simmons. As a result, billions of dollars in damage is being done all over the state.

Texas Liberal has links to maps and other information about the fires and links to TFS budget cuts.

Update with another great quote:

And from TexasVox

“But, it could be worse. We could be realistically thinking about electing as President of the United States someone who believes climate change is a hoax, that climate scientists are in it for the money, and the best way to run a state is to slash the budget of the Forest Service, the agency responsible for fighting fires in Texas, by $34 million– almost one-third of its budget– on the eve of one of the most destructive fire seasons ever. It is worth noting that during the sunset hearings on the Texas Forest Service I testified as to the need of the Forest Service to engage in extra forecasting as to what a climate-change-fueled fire season would look like and be prepared to fight it, so this is a little bit of a personal issue for me.”

And Perry’s response was to call for FEMA. Wait! Is this the same guy who wants no part of the Federal Government and who wants Texas to secede?

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  1. FM WatchDog says

    Also, it is important to note that at the same time, the Texas Railroad Commission did not lose ANY funding. Good choice, Mr. Good Hair. Take money away from the agency that protects property and let the agency that lowers property value keep all of theirs.

  2. Anonymous says

    The RRC is of NO HELP to the ordinary citizens. On top of that, it is a very dangerous organization for the ordinary citizens! Be careful with the RRC.

  3. Mike H. says

    Firefighters all over the US know by now about Perry slashing the TFS budget steeply earlier, then asking for help to fight the fires from the Feds now, yet not backtracking on wanting to reduce so much of the Federal Government. This won’t help his popularity with first responders.

    So, the RRC keeps it’s budget, but still didn’t do much about the One Call violator that hit the gas pipeline last summer, killing people?

  4. Texas Lady says

    I’m a conservative from Texas, and I can tell you at this moment, I will not be voting for Perry if he secures the GOP nomination. He’s a huge corporatist and elitist.

    I’d rather sit it out. So would my husband.

    I’m furious about the cuts. Even more furious at the establishment GOP and conservative sites that aren’t relaying this information.

    This is a travesty. Thanks for the post.