Halliburton contaminated Oklahoma water

This sounds similar to the water contamination near the Schlumberger facility in Midland.

Halliburton officials discuss Okla. contamination

DUNCAN, Okla. — Officials with the Houston-based energy company Halliburton have met with Duncan residents to discuss the contamination of water on the company’s property in the area.

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality found perchlorate in 18 wells on the property. Perchlorate can reduce the thyroid’s production of hormones and KSWO reports that the company on Tuesday told residents not to use the water in any way that it may be consumed.

Halliburton is providing bottled water and says it will reimburse health costs to those affected by the contamination. The company has said it’s working with DEQ to resolve the contamination.

The company says it believes the contamination is the result of burning missile fuel in a project that ended 20 years ago.

Halliburton was founded in Duncan in 1919.

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  1. FrackingCrazy says

    We haven’t been testing for:Perchlorate in the Barnett Shale…

    Just another way we’re getting fracked before we get kissed…

  2. Melissa Thompson says

    I have lived in the contaminated area for the past 21 years and have family who has lived there for over 20 years. I have definitely drank water from the wells, and my father has a major thyroid problem. The fact of the matter is that Halliburton is trying to keep everything quiet and pushing the people’s needs, that are affected by this contamination, aside. The people are being ignored while the facts are right in Halliburton’s face, the land is worthless now and many people will have no choice but to leave. Halliburton better be ready to pay some big bucks because my family is not a quiet family, something will be done. Halliburton can pay off any network or newspaper they want to keep their mouth’s shuts but if they aren’t willing to pay the people for EVERYTHING they’ve done (health problems, destroying our land) then the people will not stay silent. That’s a promise.

  3. Fracking Crazy says

    I recently talked to gentleman who used to work for oil and gas in OK, he told me there;s (he gestured with his hands) between 6 and 10 inches of petroleum layered on top of the aquifer.

    Don’t know where, don’t know what aquifer….

    Bottoms up, OK.