PHOTOS: N.TX Fracking sand mine

As if we don’t already have enough scars on our land, EOG is trying to start up a frack sand mining operation in Muenster, TX.

They had a meeting in Muenster yesterday that was covered by KXII with video. There is another meeting tonight in Saint Jo:
Thurs. 16 June
Saint Jo, Texas
Civic Center (E side of town square, off US 82)
6:00 PM

If you want to see the scars this mining has already left in the area, go to Save the Trinity Aquifer blog and click on the pictures to the left.

This is not the first time EOG has caused problems in Montague County. You might remember that I recently blogged about EOG burying oil based drilling mud in Wise County. After a lot of pressure from the local landowners, EOG agreed to start using closed loop systems in Montague but not before four water wells were contaminated. EOG refused to go back and remediate all the places where they buried the toxic waste in Montague to prevent future contamination.
You might also remember this injection well that made national news. Guess where it is. Yep, Montague.

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  1. Anonymous says

    those are horrible impacts! there is a creek right by this place. what happens to the creek and the life that lives in that creek? the creek likely flows into the red river. yikes!!!