Titan Barnett Shale air quality report misleading

Arlington resident, Faith Chatham, read the report from the industry financed, orchestrated and conducted so-called air quality study. Surprise, surprise! She found the report misleading.

This industry air test is referred to as “Fort Worth and Arlington” yet it does not include a representative sample from Arlington.
  • In the preface of the study Titan says they coordinated with officials of City of Arlington and Fort Worth.
  • I suspect that they included one Arlington site so that they could spin it to say that air in Arlington is not impacted by natural gas drilling. This does not appear to be a serious impartial study.
  • Roger Venerable (City of Arlington Real Estate) says that he didn’t even know any Arlington site was being included in their test.
  • Derren Groth (City of Arlington Natural Gas Engineer) just said that he went to a meeting to decide whether Arlington was going to join in some testing with the City of Fort Worth but Arlington’s decision was not to participate so they did not coordinate with him.

Mystery as to who the “officials” from City of Arlington they refer to in the preface of the report. I suspect (do not know) that they “jawed” with Mel LeBlanc and consider conversations with him as “numerous contacts with officials from City of Arlington.”

  • Only one well was tested out of 187 in the city of Arlington.
  • One well out of 187 is not a representative sample.
  • Therefore no valid conclusion can be deducted from such a small sample to judge whether gas drilling does or does not impact the air quality in the City of Arlington.


  • Each time elevated readings are found, the author of the study attributes them to something off site..
  • At one Ft. Worth site Titan concludes that the readings can’t be caused by the well but by a compost site, but they don’t mention where the compost site is, how far from their test site, the direction from their test site, the direction the air is blowing from said compost site to their collection point.
  • They claim on one site that it is elevated caused by some “unknown off site source.” Geezzzzeeee.


The study uses readings for exposure of less than 14 days to determine whether the air is safe or not.

  • Fine, tourist will be safe but what about folks who live by the wells, work by the wells, go to school by the wells, and mercy forbid have parents irresponsible enough to place their infants and toddlers into daycare centers next to the wells?
  • Those who are exposed day in and day out are not going to only be there less than 14 days therefore this study is totally designed to fabricate false security while the reality is that these sites do have emissions greater than is recommended for health for person exposed to the emissions more than 14 days.

Report: http://www.bseec.org/sites/default/files/BSEEC_Final_Report.pdf

Faith Chatham
Co-founder DFW Regional Concerned Citizens

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