Drilling waste dumped illegally in Freestone County

I blogged about the woman in Freestone County who chained herself to a tree trying to keep XTO from further damaging her land and releasing H2S gas.

Now drilling waste has been dumped illegally on her land. LINK to article (thanks to David, reader comment.)

Industry has no plan for proper handling of the massive amounts of waste created by natural gas production.

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Katie says

    This may surprise you sharon but there are criminals in this world, but does not mean it's industry standards. Thanks. Criminal acts should be prosecuted. Approved disposal practices are followed by noncriminals.

  2. TXsharon says

    Yes, Katie! Lots of criminals in the oil and gas industry ignore industry standards. I know this because I am contacted every single day by the victims.

    I allow industry apologists, like you, to comment here on my blog. I think your comments only help those of us who desire to rein in this out of control industry.

  3. Katie says

    I don't think I made an apology. I made a simple statement that criminals are a fact of life otherwise we would need no laws. You seem intent on painting with a wide brush. So keep the paint flowing regardless if the truth gets in the way. I would like to see you take some credit for our failing education system since you are a part of that. Thanks.

  4. TXsharon says

    Your comment above is not the only comment you have made here. For someone who disdains what I do on this blog, you certainly seem to spend a lot of time perusing it.

    Now, you claim that I'm a part of the failing educations system. That's really funny.

  5. Katie says

    Thanks for keeping my comment count. I never said I disdain what you do. I think you do a great job I learn alot of things I would have never know, but I do disagree on alot of points. Well mostly the way it's presented.

    As for your last comment that's how I feel when I'm accused of being a part of criminal activity. Very funny. I thought you would like the comparison.

  6. TXsharon says


    This is a community I created where people can come together and discuss ways they are impacted by oil and gas activity. It's sort of like me inviting you into my livingroom so, of course, I usually know who my guests are. You know, Katie, industry insider, meet Tim, industry victim, is generally the polite thing to do. Why would you be surprised that I am aware of other comments made by Katie?

    You seem to be particularly bothered by my post How to make Barnett Shale emissions safe for human health. If you have some justification for raising the levels of toxics 500%I'm all ears, Katie. I am guessing that people in the Barnett Shale suffering from health impacts are also waiting for you to "educate" us.

    What particularly is it that bothers you about the way I present information here? Since you admit that I do a great job and that you learn a lot… hmmm.

    I did not accuse you, personally, of criminal activity. I accuse you of being employed by an abusive industry that engages in criminal activity. I know many people who work for this industry who do not like the way it operates.

    You can choose to either be a part of problem or a part of the solution. I worked for industry for 12 years until I made a choice. It wasn't easy because the money is so good but I sure sleep better at night.

  7. David says

    While we are on the subject of criminals and dumping, lets not forget about George Bush's pardon of Daniel Figh Pue, III
    for Illegal treatment, storage, and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit, 42 U.S.C. § 6928(d)(2)(A); illegal transportation of a hazardous waste to an unpermitted facility for storage or disposal, 42 U.S.C. § 6928(d)(1).

  8. Katie says

    Lol. Industry insider is a prime example. Sure sounds scarey. Everything I read is like someone grasping for straws. That you lead everyone in your circle to believe is the industry standard. When it's just a bald face fallacy. The great job I'm referring to is that I stop in read your headlines then go do some research. The news side of this industry is not told. You think it's because of wanting to hide things I see it is due to gotcha journalism that just scare people like i see on every single news channel. So it's better to say nothing instead of having your words be twisted in to whatever makes the best story. I have read about things I would never have found on my own, thanks Sharon.

    Sharon what should the levels be set at? Don't know? Me neither. You just know that they went up 500% and that has to be bad. Where are all the suffering masses? It's not hard to find a lawyer to sue they have crippled every other section of our lives. I've just never seen so many test results that support you and then if not they are industry lap dogs. It's like a broken record.

    To your last point your making generalizations that are false no matter how many times you say it doesn't make it any more true. Criminal behavior should be dealt with as such. Throw them in jail and lose the key. Same as every other facet of our lives. If it makes you feel better about yourself that you are the are the righteous one, well roll on sister. I'm not in your way.

  9. TXsharon says

    Okay, wait. First you admit that you are a part of the industry:

    that's how I feel when I'm accused of being a part of criminal activity.

    Then you take offense at being called an industry insider. Whether you like it or not, if you work for the oil and gas industry you are inside that industry and therefore you are an industry insider. If you don't what to be associated with that industry, find another job.

    When you stop in, read a headline then go do your own research, please feel free to set me straight on anything I've gotten wrong.

    Your industry does such a great job of admonishing people who tell the truth claiming that we use scare tactics (please get some new material that line is wearing thin). Another one you love to say is that we just need to be educated so we see things your way. Ha!

    Do you really want to know where the suffering masses are, Katie? I don't think you do. I think you might be feeling a little guilty.

  10. scubawithdogs says

    I wonder if Katie spends anytime out in the field or spends most of her time in an office reading industry reports.

    We moved to the city of Denton get away from the messing the industry has created in Wise county and then they put a gas well in the middle of my neighborhood and across the street from a park and hospital. Industry did not decide to put this neighborhood in the middle of an industrial area for any other reason than greed.

    The air quality testing from private and state agencies have shown toxins exceeding safe levels. State and industry do not cares if gas companies spill drilling mud, dump their sewer, make so much noise you cannot sit outside and enjoy your property, or make the air so bad no one will let their children play in the park. Katie bring your children to McKenna park to play. I will let you know when they start fracturing.

    I have no agenda other maintain a certain quality of life which the gas industry seems determined to destroy.

    Katie I cannot imagine you and Sharon being sister by any stretch of the imagination.

  11. TXsharon says

    The latest on big gas encroaching on neighborhoods: They are buying enough houses in a neighborhood to tear them down and put up a rig right in the middle of families

  12. Ward in the Woods says

    Buying a steer,donating to 4-H
    or special causes, industry has
    made a few friends. Willing to
    look the other way when it comes to dumping, or not wanting to have an air monitor etc., etc..
    Some folks see through the thin curtain, and know it's cheaper
    than doing things 'right'.
    Resident of Freestone County.

  13. Anonymous says

    Katie uses the same old tired rhetoric talking points that her employer hands out in their staff meetings. They use that line over and over and over.

    Wait for it…next comes the part about energy independence and keeping us safer at home. <—wave flag—>

  14. Tim Ruggiero says

    Katie, what I would very much like you to do is to name a specific operator you think is ethical, truthful, and treats landowners with respect.

    My family and I are dealing with the lowlifes at Aruba Petroleum. They actually waited for us to leave for work and school before using cutting torches on our $15K pipe and cable fence to start bulldozing our land. When we complained, they said Tough Shit, we have the lease.

    When they spilled more than 10K gallons of produced water, the TRRC actually helped them cover it up.

    When they spilled thousands of gallons of condensate, they again not only didn't clean it up, they broke the law by not reporting it.

    In every single instance of a spill, leak, more spill, emission violations and permitting violations, they have LIED, Failed to Report, got the TRRC and/or the TCEQ to help cover up their crimes, and have even broken their promise they made on Channel 8 news to restore the property. It's been more than 9 months, and 'their' work site, our formaer horse pasture is nothing but dirt. The black plastic water pipe they used to bring water into the place is still sticking up out of both ends of our driveway. The condensate tanks constantly overflow and leak. They installed a FLARE on our property in response to emissions complaints, and installed it incorrectly.

    At the most recent EPA meeting in Ft Worth, EVERY Industry rep stepped up to the mike and said the same thing – Not one single doucmented report of ground water contamination. BULLSHIT. I and my family are one of dozens of documented cases, yet the Industry containues to lie and refuses to accept any responsibility on their own.

    If Industry isn't contaminating water, then why did Cabot Oil have to shut down 3 weels, pay a $250K fine and provide permanent fresh water to 14 affected families?

    Find me ONE operator with some morals and ethics, I'll show you a dozen without. The bad guys far outweigh any good the fraction of 'good' operators do.

  15. Anonymous says

    Let me guess Katie, you read the "Barnett Shale Newsletter", do you not? You can accuse Sharon of "painting with a broad brush" all you want, but that "publication" paints with the widest brush I've ever seen. Everyone with ANY health or environmental concern, is instantly deemed a commie, nutbag, nut-job, moron.