Denton Creek foam from Barnett Shale waste

Back in February, I posted that I was getting reports about illegal dumping of produced water in the Denton Creek Watershed.

Today I received this message and photo:

This right at the intersection on the side of the road where Gilbow dumped the produced water.

Denton Creek feeds into Lake Grapevine where lots of people get their drinking water. The Lake Grapevine and Trinity River Authority might want to start testing for some drilling chemicals. Oh wait! We don’t know what those are. Aw well, tough luck folks.

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  1. Mike H. says

    That's not from drilling, it's from all those homes still using their old stock of high phosphate laundry detergents from the 1960's! 😉

    Trying to stay one step ahead of TCEQ's probable excuses…

  2. zoe says

    I'll make it a point to call the RRC and the EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers to see if we can get water samples of the lake. I have a feeling there is going to be proof of fracking in the lake. That's reassuring, knowing people fish out there.