Range Resources

Sign seen in PA.

The story about the erm, “spill” is out.

Rayzor spill raises a stink

Residents cry foul; officials say mud dump an accident
Friday, April 23, 2010
By Lowell Brown

The Railroad Commission “did call by phone, and we did explain to them what the situation was, and they understood the political issues that were going on for all those people to call,” Waller, of Range, said. “But there’s nothing we can do about it except try to deal with the public there.”

Isn’t that interesting that the taxpayer funded regulatory agency seems to be dismissing the taxpayers, or is Waller putting words in their mouth. I wonder if they’ve seen the video of the toilet paper.

Here’s what really happened:

BREAKING: Toxic spill at Range Resources Barnett Shale gas well in Denton, Texas

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson is considered a leading citizen expert on the impacts of shale oil and gas extraction. She is the go-to person whether it’s top EPA officials from D.C., national and international news networks, or residents facing the shock of eminent domain and the devastating environmental effects of natural gas development in their backyards.


  1. Tim Ruggiero says

    If Range Resources was such a Good Neighbor, they wouldn't have selected a site that was up against a residential neighborhood, a park and hospital.

    The Industry really needs to come up with something new for their marketing bullshit, because the Good Neighbor thing isn't working- if it ever was.

    Aruba Petroleum said they 'tried' to be Good Neighbors with us, but we wouldn't just lie down, so they spray painted graffiti and then waited for us to leave before taking cutting torches to our fence. There's a Good Neighbor for you.

  2. Anonymous says

    Tim, You had some agreement with them to drill on your land, but they are not fulfilling the terms?Or you had no agreement to deal with them? This sounds most outrageous!

  3. Tim Ruggiero says

    We have no agreement. We do not own the mineral rights, just the surface. Since Aruba is such a Good Neighbor and a bottom feeder, they use bully tactics and the law-or lack of, to get their way. We were 'offered' a small amount in monetary damages AFTER the bulldozers started tearing through my daughter's horse pasture. I say 'offered' in the sense that it was take it or leave it, but we're drilling either way

    When we get so desperate for natural gas that drilling a few hundred feet outside someone's home is okay, then it's time to put up a windmill. Wait, my neighbor already did. Powers his whole house, pool, jacuzzi, etc., and on slow usage days, returns juice back to the grid. The base might be 100 sq ft at the most. No emissions. No trucks. No condensate tanks. No leaks or spills. No pipeline. No creepy workmen tramping around in the middle of the night.

    Aruba's pollution machine, on the other hand, takes up over 3 acres, pumps massive amounts of CO2, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide and a host of other dangerous and certainly unnecessary emissions.

    Now these idiots think they are somehow doing me a favor by installing a thermal incinerator instead of just releasing the gas. They've traded one emission for another. Since it's all being burned, now, there is no 'gas' smell- coming from the incinerator. There is, however, a 'gas' smell (sometimes propane, sometimes butane) coming from the tank battery because they have never fixed the leaks.

  4. scubawithdogs says

    If Range is having it's waste water hauled off there would be a record. I requested a log of time and date from Range regarding when a waste water company was on site and emptied the tanks from the 5th wheel travel trailers parked on site. I spoke with Mr. Devinney from the waste water dept who was going on the well site Friday to inspect regarding allegation of illedgal dumping. I asked Mr. Devinney to please obtain, copy, or look at the records for waste disposal and call me. I have yet heard from Mr. Devinney or seen any records.
    Tyler Henderson is the agent I spoke with at the Texas Railroad Commission. The Railroad Commission should have gone on site to see if the "spill" was contained, if it truly was one barrel of drilling mud, if there was any contamination.
    To call someone and ask them if they have broken the law is ridiculous.
    The call would go something like this: Mr. Range this is the Texas Railroad Commission. Mr Range are you good ole boys breaking the law there in that political hotbed of a town Denton. Well, yes Mr. Commission but we just broke it a little and you know some of the residents of this town are picking on us and they are just a bunch of overreactive fools. Mr. Range yea that is what I figured well listen just please be more careful next time when you spill something to do it behind the wall so no one can see you, these phone calls are starting to annoy me. Mr. Commission yea we will do that. It was a new guy who "spilled the mud" and he has not gotten to that part of the training manual, how to spill toxic waste and not get caught. OK Mr. Range just be more careful in the future and don't get caught and don't forget were going fishing this Sunday. Mr. Commission I'm looking forward to the fishing but it will be catch and release because you never know about the water here in Texas.