Pit Liners Still Too Toxic to Handle

What happens to the Barnett Shale drilling waste pit liners? Texas does not require lining or fencing around drilling waste pits but occasionally some companies use liners. I’m just wondering what happens to those liners because I remember that Garfield County Colorado decided that the pit liners were too toxic for the waste disposal.

Drilling Waste Pit Liners too Toxic for Disposal

Garfield County is still scratching their heads trying to figure out with to do with all those liners. For a while the liners were disposed of on “private property.” YIKES!!! I wonder if that’s some of that private property of which you only sort of own the surface. Now that Garfield County is “sticking to the rules” and disposing of the liners, they can’t figure out what to do with the darn things.

Garfield County Manager Ed Green said on Tuesday that the staff is studying how to build a special landfill area to deal with the liners, one with sufficiently thick and non-porous lining to keep any toxic ooze from spreading.

So, where does Wise County keep their toxic ooze?

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  1. Anonymous says

    The people who profitted from these things should take them home and keep them there. They know better than to leave their trash around other people's homes and community. Even little children know that.

  2. Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths says

    Sharon, out in my part of Texas, I've been told by the commish that the liners are buried. He did express concern that if they're not buried deep enough the cattle is affected.