Sneaky Snakes: Range Resources, looter and polluter

by TXsharon on January 21, 2011

in hydraulic fracturing, Marcellus Shale, Range Resources

Range Resources and their “expert” would have you believe that “fracturing caused by Range’s drilling ‘couldn’t possibly be the reason for contamination of the Lipsky or any other wells.'”That’s quite a statement but you have to consider that the “expert” would have no career if hydraulic fracturing was at fault.

Range certainly polluted quite a bit in the Marcellus Shale, especially on Ron Gulla’s farm.
Gulla has been outspoken in his opposition to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, claiming the process used on his property polluted his pond, ruined the land for future farming and jeopardized his family’s health.

As part of a settlement with Gulla, Range Resources was supposed to buy Gulla another property. Being the “Good Neighbors” they consistently are, Range Resources bought Gulla another property, but that property is also under lease for drilling. Gulla says it was all part of Range Resources‘ master plan because they wanted his water rights. more…

Sneaky Snakes.

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