Range Resources attempt to spin away Barnett Shale water contamination

UPDATE: For the best reporting to date on this case see: Better reporting on Range Resources water contamination case in Parker County, it is a long but essential read if you are interested in this case.


All Range Resources has to do is write a letter claiming the EPA absolved them from blame in the water contamination in Parker County and the media prints it as if it were true.

If they can live in a fantasy world, I will to! I say I’m a ballerina.

You can read about it on EARTHblog and decide for yourself.

Range Resources tried to wish its pollution away.

This pretty much sums it up:

This post needs to be read to be believed. In short… EPA to Range Resources: “You’re polluting. Stop it.” Range Resources to EPA: “Thanks for agreeing we’re not polluting.” ~Facebook comment

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